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Zoo Painting:Part 1

May 16, 2015

I took an art class to the zoo to do some sketching. The sketches were then to be used as the basis of a painted poster incorporating the word “zoo”. Below is the process I followed. 1. After pouring through my sketches, I made several thumbnail drawings until I came upon a composition I liked.
2. I enlarged the drawing on to a 9 x 12 page and adjusted some of the details.
3. Initially I was going to paint at the 9 x 12 size, but I decided to use a pre-gessoed piece of craft paper that is closer to 11 x 17. I took the opportunity to do some more adjusting, first roughing in the basic shapes with the light green pencil before using a dark blue to work out the details.
I traced the whole thing onto two pieces of tracing paper then used 6B graphite on the back to transfer. The graphite was spotty, so I did some touch up with a Stabilo water-soluble pencil.




Kid sketches

March 8, 2015


Zoo Sketches

January 7, 2015

Excerpts from a recent visit to the SF zoo. Micron, inkwash and highlighter marker.
IMG_5055.JPGIMG_5057.JPG IMG_5056.JPG

Japanese Garden Sketch

August 15, 2014


Into the City

September 29, 2013


Kids in Trees

September 2, 2013

Its’ always fun sketching tree-climbers. There is a lot of action and interaction with the tree being climbed.

Filoli sketches

August 17, 2013


My Civic Duty

May 28, 2013

sketching fills the time when you find yourself waiting…


Memorial Weekend 2013

May 28, 2013

These are a few moments captured over the weekend plus quick sketches of visitors to the traveling WW2 aircraft show.



Tutorial/Idea–Sketch Collage with J.S.

January 26, 2013

My friend Juan and I did a mini sketch-crawl yesterday. We started in a neighborhood and walked to a park, creating a sketch collage with pen and ink as we went.

Sketch collages are a great way to:

  1. fill a page,
  2. force yourself to work quickly to capture relevant detail,
  3. prevent yourself from getting too precious with your sketching,
  4. deal with composition and shape,
  5. try out new techniques and tools

Create contrast in your sketch collage by:

  1. alternating natural and man-made objects
  2. vary size and direction (e.g. round things, long things, etc.)
  3. employ close ups and long shots
  4. rotating the page

When you’re finished you have a piece that you can then refine or correct manually or digitally. Below is the original scan (watercolors were added after the ‘crawl) as well as a digital version adding layers and elements in Photoshop. Not necessarily one to hang in a museum, but a great way to sharpen your skills and have some fun.