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Process – Action League Poster

January 5, 2015


This is more of a “layer by layer” rather than a “step by step”. The final file was printed at 12″ x 18″. The initial layout was inspired by the classic JLA #1 cover by Kevin Maguire. I wasn’t brave enough to pull off the white background, however.

I sketched in red pencil on tracing paper and initially inked with Micron pens. Ultimately, I decided to scan and re-ink in Manga Studio 4 Debut, mostly as an exercise to get more familiar with the program. I am not happy with my digital inking overtures, but happy with the program itself (see Jonathan Rector’s generous videos for more tips on digital inking in Manga Studio).

Coloring and effects were added in Photoshop. I had an archived tutorial from some design magazine on creating halftone effects. While incorporating that effect with the characters, I stumbled across the “Circle” Halftone pattern (Filter –> Sketch –> Halftone Pattern) which I used to help separate the figures from the background and direct the viewer to the “Action League” Logo which (along with the individual hero logos) was created in Illustrator.

To give the image the “aged comic” look I followed the excellent tutorial by the fine folks at Comicraft.



Serigraphy & Calligraphy

June 27, 2014

It was time to update my Dada-Tron T-shirt collection. I made a stencil from contact paper and used acrylic paint with some fabric acrylic medium to make two T-shirts.



Once I was done I had paint left over. Since I’ve been in a book-making mood, I decided to pre-make a book cover using excess paints and my calligraphy skills.



New sketchbook project

June 13, 2014

I have the bug to make a new sketchbook. I like to customize and come up with new ideas when building my own sketchbooks. This time I’m going to make a book specifically for creating half page comics including a panel template to make my life easier on the road. I made some thumbnail sketches, created a mock-up, and redrew my schematic after problem-solving on the miniature.


The Action League

December 27, 2013

Though this blog has been silent for several weeks, that is not an indication of a lack of artistic production. Now that Christmas is past I can lift the cloak of silence to reveal what I have been secretly working on. By the time the dust settled on this undertaking, I had 12 new logos for the Green Ghost Universe–as embodied by various family members.

In addition to the challenge of coming up with the names of each character to inform the emblems, I had to come up with designs that can be used over various media (including screen printing &  stickers), that were simple and quickly recognizable, expressed the name and personalities of the actual people they represented and that fit into the existing visual style of the Green Ghost characters. Even though I show them here in multi-color, they of course needed to work in one color. Some of the designs came quickly while others were more challenging but I am happy with how they all came out and they were a big hit with my family.

The package (manilla envelope stamped with the AL logo, stripe pattern and the word “official”) each person received included an “acceptance letter” into the Action League, a business form, and a “placement exam” along with a t-shirt, 12 glossy stickers, and a mask. The acceptance letter came in a hand-stamped envelope as well and all extra paint from the shirts was used to create wrapping paper with the brown packing paper that tends to pack shipped items (re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose). The stamps were cut from thin sheets of craft foam and glued to blocks of wood.

Action League Logos

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 5.06.30 PM



Logo Development – Dadatron

January 5, 2013

Usually I will sketch thumbnail roughs when I design logos. In this case, I already knew the rough idea I would pursue so I looked through my font collection for capital “d”s that lent themselves to the idea in my head. For certain solutions, I find “sketching” in Illustrator is faster and allows me to create quick iterations that move me toward my final design. This approach doesn’t always work and is probably best for designs with component pieces like this one.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 1.56.15 PM

Green Ghost Shirts – Part 2

December 25, 2012

After dying the t-shirts I cut stencils out of clear lamination film with a sticky back (available at office supply stores). Using a braver (printmaking roller), I applied acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.



Green Ghost Christmas Surprise Part 1

December 24, 2012

It’s time for a new round of Green Ghost shirts. I already had logo designs for GG, Octopus Girl and the Flaming Marshmallow, but needed to finalize designs for the Climbist and Flying Cupcake. However, in thinking about the process (stenciling) I would be using to apply the logos to t-shirts, I had to rethink all of the logos. The solid single-color designs needed to be bold and iconic while being simultaneously unique and part of the same visual “universe”. Here is the sketch phase.

Vector Behind the Scenes – Emberley Green Ghost

April 16, 2012

Here are some details of the vector art for the last post.

Although I drew the finalized images of Green Ghost by hand, I used the Pencil tool in Illustrator to sketch out the rough poses before scaling them up printing them out and redrawing them on layout paper.

The colored pencil was a way of breaking the “fourth wall”. Here’s a close up and a wireframe.I created a faux wood texture and put a put some “noise” overlay on the glossy part of the pencil to add a little depth to the gloss.

Notice the paper texture that went over the entire piece (except panel one) and the “sketched” line work for the Emberley-style drawings. That last was achieved by creating a custom art brush and applying it to the artwork.


Green Ghost- Ed Emberley Style

April 10, 2012

Here’s the big unveil. I was looking at an Ed Emberley drawing book and came up with this gag idea. The page is 90% Adobe Illustrator, 8% hand -drawn and 2% compositing & coloring in Photoshop. When I get a chance I will post some details and a walkthrough of my process. To view the page at full size, double click the image.

Sneak Peak-New Green Ghost page

March 24, 2012

I was inspired to do a new Green Ghost page. Here’s a mysteriously cropped screen grab to peak your interest.