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Process: Concert Poster

July 26, 2015

Time again for a new concert promotional poster. For this one I wanted to play around with hand-drawn lettering and some fun characters. My initial sketches were scanned, resized in photoshop, printed, and redrawn before scanning in once more to serve as vector templates.

I opted to do the main coloring inside Illustrator since I could use the “Recolor Artwork” function to rapidly visualize swatch options.

Illustrator paths were imported into Photoshop as smart objects and texture, additional type, and layer adjustments were added.

Since the formats for the two pieces are radically different, I started with the poster first then transferred layer styles and effects into the Facebook header/ handbill format.

IMG_5880 IMG_5879Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.07.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.07.27 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.07.12 PMAug2015blurredScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.07.59 PM


Paperback to Hardcover

July 4, 2015

I’ve been using a perfect bound paperback ESV for the last year or two. I like it but it is getting worn. To extend the life I decided to turn it into a hardback edition by treating the original book as the book block.

I created a cover as usual from three pieces of chip board (scavenged from a three ring binder) and an old AAA map.

To make the book block, I glued a fabric tape to the back of the original spine, glued on a piece of card stock as a spine stiffener, and attached a head and a tail band.

To add strength to the Union of the book block and cover, I completely glued the end papers to the front and back covers.

Fun tip: paint a layer of Mod Podge on your book cover and lay a piece of plastic film over it. Burnish the film so it makes complete contact with the wet glue and leave it to dry. When it’s completely dry (don’t rush!), remove the film and your book cover will have a glossy finish.

Good Book Rescue

July 3, 2015

This was an interesting challenge. A friend had a Bible with years of notes but the spine was damaged. Since the end papers and Front and back covers were intact, I did not want to start from scratch. Using an old map, some thin chipboard and good old mod podge, I created a reinforced spine with “clamps” to attach the whole thing to the existing front and back cover. I will probably add some endpapers just to make the thing extra durable.

I rushed a little bit, which accounts for the cool script typography wrapping around the edge of the book. Lesson learned.


Sketch Collage- process

November 1, 2014

I have a binder full of magazine photographs that I have collected over the years. While I use them for reference, it’s also fun when I don’t feel very creative to create a sketch collage. Selecting various photo elements, I build a composition that is visually interesting and balanced.
Pencil, LePen .8 technical pen, ink and ink wash in Niji water brush pens, BIC WiteOut correction fluid, fingerprints. Uni SuperInk ballpoint pen






March Concert Poster

February 23, 2014

With a house concert coming up on the Ides of March, I wanted to make a special poster for the host family, guest performers and some lucky fans. Once again collaborating with the inimitable Vivian Cheung, I first created a Facebook banner but then semi-started from scratch to come up with something special.

Using Vivian’s paper crane concept, I messed around with pseudo-japanese elements (origami folds, kata font, folded paper shadows, origami paper patterns, etc.) I had the opening credit visuals of Samurai Champloo in my head too.

scanned art

concert flyer

Final Poster

Work in process – Concert Flyer animated gif

July 3, 2013

july concert flyer process

A little animated GIF showing the various stages from scan to current state. I still have some more things to add (text) and tweak. It’s usually a good idea to come back to a design after a break in order to have fresh eyes to evaluate the relative success of the composition. The GIF doesn’t capture the full range of colors that the final JPG will, but hopefully the process is clear enough. Of course, this is very simplified. There are many steps that I am not showing for purposes of time and to minimize boredom.

Once again, beautiful base watercolors provided by Vivian Cheung.

June Concert Flyer

June 12, 2013

Here is the latest collaboration with Vivian Cheung. The trick with these banner flyers is to:

  1. work within the limits of the format
  2. supply the relevant info in an appealing and clear way
  3. visually match the artwork


My Civic Duty

May 28, 2013

sketching fills the time when you find yourself waiting…


Poster collaboration

April 26, 2013

Previously, I have created posters for the various house concerts that Homespun Royale has played. I enjoy the process immensely. The last several shows however, I have collaborated with the intensely talented Vivian Cheung whose watercolor illustrations are breath-takingly whimsical and heart-breakingly beautiful. Our other collaborations are posted on Vivian’s blog.

It is a different kind of challenge to consider how to best utilize the artwork Vivian provides, placing text  and other elements in a way that clearly communicates without diminishing from the illustrations. I hope I have been successful in this endeavor.

The photo gallery below shows the “before” illustration and the “after” poster. The type has to be harmonious without becoming invisible or unclear. Whenever I can, I try to preserve space within the illustration to prevent things from getting too crowded and claustrophobic for the viewer. When necessary I will add visual elements, intensify coloration, change the angle of the image, “add” space between painted elements, or move elements to preserve my interpretation of the artists “intent” while meeting the communication needs of the poster.

Vector Illustration Detail

March 20, 2013

I’m working on a project of which this is a detail. I ran across and artist who was doing illustrations by building up shape fragments in Illustrator and thought I’d try to see how that approach worked.