More Niji Waterbrush Mods

I have a small arsenal of Niji water brush pens. They’re my favorites because I can disassemble the tip easily for cleaning. This is necessary because I use ink instead of just water. Depending on the type of ink I use, the brush can get clogged pretty quickly.

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to disassemble and clean the water brush tip. 

The only thing about the Niji brush that I haven’t liked was that the handle is difficult to fill. It has a “flow gate” which traps The liquid stored in the handle when you unscrew the tip. This is handy if you want to have pre-mixed colors, inks, or extra pre-filled water for watercolors, but is not conducive to filling quickly if you are using A water or ink container with a narrow neck. 

The answer to this problem turns out to be quite simple.

By inserting a X-Acto or snap-off blade at the scene between the black “flow gate” and the handle, you can gently pry off this leaving a large circular hole. Why didn’t I tried this before? It’s probably a holdover from when I had only one water brush and I was afraid to damage the handle.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. A second mod proves this is true. I had lost the cap for one of my pens. That’s not good for many reasons, but especially if there is waterproof ink in the pen.

Here’s a way to make a pen cap from a Uni ball pen (no, I am not a monster. I used a cap from a defunct pen).

I determined the height of the replacement cape based on the height of an actual Niji cap, and marked the cut line using a Elmers paint pen. Then it’s just a matter of cutting very carefully and straw, keeping as straight as possible with a snap-off knife blade pulled out a bit farther than normal. The new Is actually a tighter fit in the original and the pocket “clip” is better by far.


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