Typographic Reconstruction

I like the typeface on this piece of ephemera from the turn of the century. The sample of letterforms was not complete so I used the power of digital media to do some rapid reconstruction for the upper and lower case.

My approach was to look for existing letterforms in the set that had characteristics that were likely shared by the missing letters. By recombining, flipping, and adapting this components I have arrived at a complete set that I can further improve and tweak in a vector-based program like Illustrator or Designer. In other words, the point of this stage is not to come up with completely realized letterforms (especially since the image I am working from is not ideal) but to get in the ball park for further refinement. For example, the “X” has three versions that I want to narrow down to 1 or 2, and I am not happy with how the criss-cross strokes are not continuos since I arrived at the letter by inverting two “V” shapes and shortening the arms.

Since some of the capitals had extended arms I created two versions for missing letterforms that I thought would have also had that feature. I am least satisfied with the lowercase “g”. The uppercase “L” also needs some work. From this point I will probably go into Illustrator and come up with a clean, unified version of the letterforms.

Sample Letter forms

Original Letterform samples from ephemera


Reconstructed Type samples with variations

Reconstructed Type samples with variations


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