Process – House Concert Stickers

In brainstorming new stickers to sell/give away at future house concerts, I hit upon the concept of merit patches/badges like those used in the BoyScouts or those used to designate military units. I research various patches and then designed 7 initial patches. Each patch focuses on some aspect of the house concerts (hosting, clapping to the music, bringing food, singing along, etc.) I might even do secondary round stickers for each of the cities the concerts take place in. The idea would be that people could collect badges to show where they’ve been, how many concerts they have attended, and how fully they have participated.

Here is an overview of my process. 

The first image shows the components of the badge. The “wheat” was created then warped to form a wreath. The patch background texture was made by making crisscrossed fill layers of the same fill pattern in the Appearances palette.

HSR Badge Sticker Process

The second image is a look at the type I created using basic strokes. I increased the line thickness and expanded the appearance of the strokes to make them shapes.

TRype Development


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