Zoo Painting:Part 1

I took an art class to the zoo to do some sketching. The sketches were then to be used as the basis of a painted poster incorporating the word “zoo”. Below is the process I followed. 1. After pouring through my sketches, I made several thumbnail drawings until I came upon a composition I liked.
2. I enlarged the drawing on to a 9 x 12 page and adjusted some of the details.
3. Initially I was going to paint at the 9 x 12 size, but I decided to use a pre-gessoed piece of craft paper that is closer to 11 x 17. I took the opportunity to do some more adjusting, first roughing in the basic shapes with the light green pencil before using a dark blue to work out the details.
I traced the whole thing onto two pieces of tracing paper then used 6B graphite on the back to transfer. The graphite was spotty, so I did some touch up with a Stabilo water-soluble pencil.




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