Half page book

N needed a small sketchbook for a zoo sketch crawl. I gathered a comic book board backing, a brochure from a well known coffee purveyor, a few sheets of brown packing paper (perforated), printer paper, Mod Podge, needle and waxed floss, and a corner punch. Voila.
I tried a new sewing technique: skipping holes in one direction then coming back through the skipped holes. This has the disadvantage (at least in this version) of having not very attractive stitches on the inside, but it has the advantage that I can tie both ends of the string together at the top and then Mod Podge the spine one more time to seal in the thread. On my other sketchbooks I have used tape to seal was funny. Effective, but not as attractive. Doing it this way allows me to preserve and on interrupted the cover.


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