Nick Scratch – Character Design

I’ve been thinking about Jack-O’s universe a bit. Gradually I’m seeing his world develop and with it, other characters to populate his city. Nick Scratch is a negative version of Jack. I’m not sure yet if it’s an alternate dimension sort of thing, a rival scientists creation, or an experiment gone awry. Nick has five modes that are somewhat analogous to Jack’s abilities. However, one of Nick’s modes is mysterious: he doesn’t seem to use it all that much. That mystery will serve as a plot point.

It was fun coming up with the look and icons for the various modes. Initially, Nick was going to be a reverse jack: same costume, same body etc. but with mean eyes and reversed colorsThen I thought I would make him squat, with a broader chest and “squarer” head. The mode “badge” on the chest bothered me though. So I started thinking about alternate shapes. I wanted Jack’s circles and friendly curves to be contrasted. Sharp points are less friendly but a triangle seemed to extreme. I stumbled on the hexagon shape and started modifying the costume elements to include more points. Even his head fits inside a hexagon. Once that was done I played around with the colors. Brown and yellow seemed to fit (yellow being the opposite of violet on the color wheel).



Here’s a line up of all the characters I’ve populated Jack’s world with so far. I should have done a scale chart sooner; some of my past compositions have odd comparative proportions. Ah well, moving forward…




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