Cyborg Shirt Illustration

I had the opportunity once again to create a dye-sublimated shirt design in commemorate a corporate-sponsored trip to the Grand Canyon. Initially the brief was for a cyborg figure to be running across an alien landscape. I submitted a series of sketches but when the time came to discuss the back of the short I suggested a “reveal” that showed the shirt wearer was a cyborg too. The approval team liked the concept so much they asked me to do the entire shirt in that style. Since I had initially created the colors to match the figure on the front, the team asked if I would re-color the final artwork to a less startling, more metallic palette.


Cyborg_BackConcept Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 2.27.15 AMFront_Flattened_Proof Back_Flattened_Proof

Update: The finished shirt.




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