Comic Page Element Inventory- In the Spirit of Will Eisner

In a previous post I detailed an effective way to catalogue and analyze inking techniques and styles for reference and artistic development.

Recently I checked out a collection of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit”. Eisner’s storytelling in this collection is a masterful cooperation of all the elements that make the comic medium unique and powerful: pacing, panel shape, sound effects, and lighting to name a few. Additionally, Eisner pioneered and set the standard for many storytelling devices that few artists have been able to parallel. His incorporation of design, silhouette, typography, and alternately lettered “voices” bring these stories to life and draw in the reader.

Rather than focus on inking, I collected typography on these pages, but you could easily make a collection of interesting composition, panel shape, panel placement, use of negative space, etc. Analyzing Eisner’s work is a Master’s class in itself.



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