Poster collaboration

Previously, I have created posters for the various house concerts that Homespun Royale has played. I enjoy the process immensely. The last several shows however, I have collaborated with the intensely talented Vivian Cheung whose watercolor illustrations are breath-takingly whimsical and heart-breakingly beautiful. Our other collaborations are posted on Vivian’s blog.

It is a different kind of challenge to consider how to best utilize the artwork Vivian provides, placing text  and other elements in a way that clearly communicates without diminishing from the illustrations. I hope I have been successful in this endeavor.

The photo gallery below shows the “before” illustration and the “after” poster. The type has to be harmonious without becoming invisible or unclear. Whenever I can, I try to preserve space within the illustration to prevent things from getting too crowded and claustrophobic for the viewer. When necessary I will add visual elements, intensify coloration, change the angle of the image, “add” space between painted elements, or move elements to preserve my interpretation of the artists “intent” while meeting the communication needs of the poster.


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