Tee Pee Moon Collaboration + Inking idea/tutorial

Another collaboration with A. The redraw was done in a sketch book with Micron/LePlume technical pens, an ink-filled Niji and a LePlume brush pen. Tints and textures added in Photoshop. I like the simple and bold “linocut” appearance of the final blacks. I particularly enjoyed figuring out how to obscure the tree branches that go behind the smoke. You may note that A’s original drawing is a night/day contrast image. I chose not to follow it exactly ¬†because the smoke in the original suggested the tree and I was interested in the interplay of branches, smoke and firelight.

As a side note, inking a pencil drawing from a young or untrained artist is a great way to play with ideas of “artist’s intent” and “draftsmanship”. Here’s a way to approach this.

1) Get a simple line drawing and make 2 or more copies.

2) On one of the copies, attempt to ink the original lines, even “mistakes”. Play around with tools, line weight, etc.

3) On the second copy, correct and improve the drawing as you ink. Add in additional details but try to enhance the composition rather than completely redraw.



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