Climbs The Ladder

I was indulging myself watching episodes of “G.I.Joe:Renegades” which, in addition to excellent writing, was fortunate to have Clement Sauvé (RIP) as the character designer. His clean, angular style allowed the hand-drawn animation to be arresting visually as well as providing the animators with a solid platform for the “acting” the characters do on the show. Inspired by the action I decided to take a simple phrase (Climbs a Ladder) and come up with a few variations on the scene. At some stages I became stumped, but adding in a few extra story elements helped me get over my blocks. For example, I couldn’t think of a new variation for panel nine so I approximated the view of the two onlookers across the street in panel 3. Ballpoint and Sharpie, colors in Photoshop.



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