Bok Choy Print Gift Wrap

I started making my own wrapping paper in college and haven’t looked back. My goal is to never buy wrapping paper again. Usually I try to employ different methods or themes each year (this is generally a Christmas tradition).

Last year I got excited about the possibilities of bok choy and I chose to play around once again. Really this is the same idea as those potato stamps you may have made in elementary school minus the cutting. I was going to try using bleach on the black paper but didn’t feel like having caustic fumes in my face.

Acrylic paint, gesso, bok choy stems, and recycled or reused paper.





One Response to “Bok Choy Print Gift Wrap”

  1. Shelley Whiting Says:

    Your wrapping paper is better than any regular wrapping paper. Very beautiful and creative work.

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