Retro Vector Concert Flyer-Behind the Scenes

Adobe Illustrator is hands down my favorite design program. I really enjoy the process of building nifty art from scratch and the range of looks vector tools provide–from clean-edged to rough and loose.

The images below are from a digital flyer for a house show coming up in November. I thought it would be fun to create a retrograde piece of music-related “fake-chinery”. This piece is a lot about texture: brushed steel, tweed, wood, chrome, glass, paper, and plastic. Everything you see was 100% created in Illustrator. To prove it I’ve included some wire frames. What’s fun is that some things (the speaker grill for example) are not visible in wire-frame mode. Why not? They are made up of repeating patterns plus gradients and effects in the Appearances Panel (AP)!

I’ve included a snapshot of the build-up of the grill along with the AP settings that I used to achieve the effect along with one showing how I built the “tweed effect” using stacked diamond shapes with gradients to create the pattern swatch. I later rotated the pattern inside the shape using “R” and holding down the tilde (~) key which transforms the pattern but not the enclosing shape.





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