Process- October 2012 House Show Poster

Here are sketches, final and an animated gif showing the layers that comprised my new poster for an upcoming house show. The image was not necessarily assembled this way and there was a lot of back and forth. Balancing the characters with the textural background and colors took some time. Initially I had overlaid texture on the figures but it became difficult to distinguish them from the background so I reverted to straight color.

In designing the characters I started with some rough sketches that I refined, scanned, redrew on tracing paper, scanned, vectorized in Illustrator before bringing them into Photoshop.





One Response to “Process- October 2012 House Show Poster”

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    […] a character from the House Concert Poster in October. I started with a Micron pen and watercolors. Then I slapped in some textures and effects in […]

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