Power PC

Inked with my small Niji waterbrush pen then scanned into Photoshop for coloring and textures.


2 Responses to “Power PC”

  1. Dave Gardner aka EditorDave Says:

    Beautiful illustration! The inking techniques and the subsequent scanning and fill with Photoshop produce a nice combination. Could the “inking” also be done on, say, a WaCom tablet so that the drawing would already be digitized (and also more easily correctible)? The layers option could be used on Photoshop to keep from overwriting the initial “inking” and also to do the various types of shading and textures (layer for each)? No matter how, however, this image is very nice and “resonates” with me. An image that brings to my mind the essence of “creativity”.

  2. labsquad Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Dave. Sometimes I do illustrate directly with my Wacom tablet which does alter my workflow. I do enjoy natural media (the feel of the brush and paper). I do use layers and blending modes. If you look at this illustration for example, the black lines of the original ink are set to multiply over the colors with only a few instances of (as in the lotus flowers) in which I’ve overlayed layers to create a collage effect.

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