Vector iDaho spoof

I’m sure this has been done, but like many obvious jokes, it stuck in my head. This post is an exorcism of sorts. It also gives me a chance to highlight the “appearances” panel which is bar far on of the most powerful, mind-bogglingly useful components of Adobe Illustrator.If you haven’t used this component in Illustrator, you are going to have so much fun! The entire “tablet” was made from a single path (except for the button, cammera, microphone dot and the diagonal hard light overlay). That last I could have done as well, but it was a little quicker just to place a shape on top. Actually, now that I think of it, I could do it all in the appearances panel if I also created some custom patterns. The second image below shows the wireframe of the piece (view –> outline) plus the appearance panel settings for the main graphic to give a sense of how layering fills, strokes, opacity, and effects can create an amazing whole… all from one path!


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