Ninja Points-Process

Here’s a visual walk through of a quick personal project. I began by creating a custom brush that simulated a pencil. After roughing in the character, I next created an inking brush, again messing around in the brush engine. I gave the brush shape an elipse at a 45˚ angle and messed with the shape dynamics as well. I gave the pencil layer a blue color overlay and created t “inks” on a separate layer. Next, flat colors followed by shade and highlight layers (set to multiply and overlay, respectively). A few details added (eyes and shadow). Some textures layered in, a sword/action swoosh and a hard white dropshadow slightly offset wrap up the image. About 25-30 minutes total.


2 Responses to “Ninja Points-Process”

  1. agirs Says:

    That’s pretty damn cool – I like it!

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