Digital Printmaking in the Redwoods

Last week I visited Memorial Park by Pescadero. Looking at a patch of sorrel and dried brush I came up with a fun idea. I had stocked my art bag with some old event postcards. Their stiff weight and medium-smooth surface is great for quick sketches or studies without the weight of a sketchbook. A stack of them secured by a heavy rubber band supports ink, , watercolor, pencil, whatever.

Essentially what I did was to create color plates for each visual element. I drew some rough registration marks and penciled in each different object. Later I filled each shape in with black ink.

Back at home I scanned the cards in and overlaid them in Photoshop. I did a little bit of cleanup and created color overlays according to my color notes from the field. I added a gradient wood grain texture to simulate the small twigs and detritus of the forest floor. This first foray is just a test, but I like the idea of creating pieces of a visual puzzle or collage manually and then building a flat image. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I am a fan of Matisse’s paper collage and maybe this is a way to create bold and simple designs while maintaining a degree of realism.


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  1. Monoprint « Labsquad Says:

    […] it) can maintain a degree of registration. Alternately you could print separate images, scan, then digitally composite and color the printed […]

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