House Show Poster 2 – Sketch & Self Critique

These are preliminary concept and layout sketches for another house concert. I like the concept but I can see a potential communication flaw: non-guitarists may not know what an effects stomp box is. I’m thinking of adding an amp or some other more widely recognized element to help clarify what I want to communicate.

Clarity is key to illustration. It doesn’t matter how engaging an idea is or how slick the art is executed; if the story the image is communicating is not clear it is failed illustration. The intended audience is important since they determine the symbolism and connotation available to the illustrator. For example, if this poster would appear solely in a music store or guitar magazine, I could be reasonably sure that the audience would know what a stomp box is. Since that is not the case here, I need to widen the scope of my concept.


One Response to “House Show Poster 2 – Sketch & Self Critique”

  1. kalanbaird Says:

    Also by having the house where the stomp goes, you bring up the mental image of the house being stomped which might be a deterrent to coming. It’s very rock and roll, but emotively disconcerting. I think a house-amp might be the thing. You could have the effects pedal have the date and time and the cord could be the script stating “house concert”.

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