A Cat at the Park-Step 4

Here are some partial blueline pencils and the beginnings of inking. I’m trying out a dip pen nib (with thicker linework from my trusty workhorse.). So far it’s working fairly well. The only thing that is bothering me is that I’m inking on bond paper, not bristol board. As a result the wet ink is softening the paper. As a result paper pulp is lifted up by the abrading of the paper by the nib, causing it to lodge in the pen point and making the ink line inconsistent.

Incidentally, for a great sampling of amazing art and inking styles, take a look at the Blazing Combat collection by Fantagraphic Books. Brilliant visual storytelling and some unexpected technique for the 1960’s. The artwork benefits by being reprinted on bright white, acid-free paper.


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    […] finally got around to finishing the inking of this little one-page story written by ARB. I used a dip pen for the entire page. In retrospect, I wish I would have […]

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