Green Ghost Vintage Cover

First of all, there’s a really cool tutorial that shows how to create a “vintage” distressed comic cover at Balloon Tales including JPG assets (thanks guys). The trouble is, I forgot where the instructions were and was too lazy to search so I completely didn’t use it (thought I did use the assets… thanks guys).

Here’s the process  for the cover (minus the trial and error Photoshop experiments). I still have a 14″ x 17″ bristol board to ink, but I did a rough ink with my much-vaunted, ink-filled Niji on a legal paper light-gray print out of the scanned redline pencils.

This is the largest I have worked in awhile (thanks V.C.) and marks one of the few times I’ve actually used my light box. Not a bad experience, although I am not skilled enough with french curves to make really bang-up, tight pencil drawings. Just as well since I am a sloppy inker.


One Response to “Green Ghost Vintage Cover”

  1. Green Ghost Guitar « Labsquad Says:

    […] for the poor image quality but you get the idea. This was a not-so-exact, very rapid copy of the GG cover from a few months […]

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