Digital Ketubah

My brother asked me to paint the ketubah for his wedding. Because I was going to incorporate text I decided that a fully digital painting would give me the most flexibility. After sending a compositional rough I made corrections, sketched and scanned then jumped into the painting. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I took one of the artistic brushes that comes with Photoshop and customized it. I basically used that one brush for the entire painting,  changing its size and opacity.

The grapes and bread at the bottom originated as tweaked photos which I then used as the basis for painting by sampling colors and repainting with my texture brushes. There is a brush in Painter 9 that does this same effect but I had a lot more options and control by doing it manually.

The final was printed onto canvas and wrapped on a frame. I then, painted a clear matte acrylic gel on top to create some additional texture.


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