Window painting

I wanted to do a goauche painting and found a nice window view to sketch from. I’m really loose in my use of the materials and I hate wasting paint so I try to use my various tiny mixtures through the painting in order to minimize waste. This has the beneficial effect of creating unity. I haven’t been able to find any really excellent books that deal with this medium alone. I’m in awe when I see smoothly and realistically modeled gouache paintings. However, I enjoy flat illustration usage as well.

If anyone knows of any helpful print or web resources drop a comment, per favoré



2 Responses to “Window painting”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Very nice! Gouache is a really fun and flat medium. In the beginning Try to fill your painting with values first. So that you’ll have an overall unison of color and mood. You can actually use watercolors with gouache. Watercolors are transparent, so they can be used for a soft shadow or glaze. If you need to bring more opaque out go back in with more gouache. You’ll get the hang out if, keep going for it 🙂 It’s really nice to see you experimenting with different mediums.

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