Green Ghost Classic

Looking through old sketchbooks I ran across several 1-page Green Ghost stories I drew 4 or 5 years ago. I wrote out the script and then did some thumbnails before doing the full-sized pages. All the inking was done with sharpie markers. Not archival I know. I was going for clear storytelling and speed rather than perfection of line. Usually it’s the idea of a story that is most appealing and too much artistic pressure can kill some of the joy of drawing.

It was a good decision. I was able to crank the pages fairly quickly for a self-imposed deadline. There are a few things that I notice construction-wise that are a little nutty, some odd tangents, but the gags are pretty straightforward (except for the last one, the punchline of which is mysteriously absent—where’s the ON button?).

Which one do you like best (or hate the least)?



One Response to “Green Ghost Classic”

  1. Bjorn Says:

    I love your Green Ghost series. Every one of them makes me smile.

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