Out of my league

I’ll admit that I’m bitter towards football. My deep-seated frustration stems mostly from the incosiderate co-opting of the television by my older brother and dad. My precious Saturday Morning cartoons instantly replaced by tiny, helmeted figures inexplicable ramming into each other, punctuated by long moments of inactivity and faceless voices discussing who-knows-what. Not nearly as important as the Orbots, Thundercats, Looney Tunes, heck, even Scooby-Doo reruns.

That said, I’m involved in a project that necessitated some research into the murky world of football. It’s actually a little more interesting than I thought. The history of the game is fascinating and demonstrates how any good and enjoyable activity can be run into the ground once politicians, adviertisers, and bottom  lines get involved.

I’m still upset about the cartoons though.



One Response to “Out of my league”

  1. kalanbaird Says:

    That older brother must have been a real brainless jock. Glad you escaped. On the research angle. Check out Friday Night Lights on Hulu. Start in season one and relax into something wonderful. I’m telling you it’s better than cartoons! Some amazing television.

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