Guardian of the Underworld

Beginning with a great photo taken by my cousin in AK, I created this image almost entirely using the History pallete and the History brush in Photoshop. I’ll admit that hitherto I have only glanced at this tool, mostly because of ignorance and thus, an irrational fear. Happily, while reading up on digital illustration techniques my curiosity was piqued and I decided to put my toe into the water of discovery. I’m pretty happy with this first foray and (hoorah) I have a new tool in my arsenal.

If anyone has any techniques or examples that make specific use of the History brush, please share with the class.



2 Responses to “Guardian of the Underworld”

  1. kalanbaird Says:

    Echoing Poe. Very nice.

  2. Zarbod Says:

    That is even more scary then the original 🙂 I need to film the birds we have up here. The ravens are giant.

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