KFC-The Sargeant’s Own

I had this idea almost a year ago. It seemed like a good time to rev up illustrator and “flesh” out the concept. The crispness of vector art is attractive to me, probably because my sketches tend to be very rough. I usually use the pen tool exclusively when I do this type of illustration. However, if I’m able to accept the looseness of the pencil tool, it can really speed up the process and add a spontaneity not inherent in the pen tool. I really like J. Otto Siebold‘s work because in addition to being extremely complex (his Alice in Wonderland pop-up book is mind boggling), but he balances clarity, precision, and spontaneity.



4 Responses to “KFC-The Sargeant’s Own”

  1. tylyn Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s incredible! I prefer the honey barbeque flavor myself!

  2. Laura Says:

    “Pick me, pick me!”


  3. Trefethen Says:

    Nathan-this is the most conceptual piece I have seen you produce. It comes across with a very racial bent. Very haunting and arresting.

  4. kalanbaird Says:

    Spooky & Funny. Is the typo intentional?

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