I felt like tooling around in Illustrator. I sketched with the pencil tool with the stroke color well set to a light blue (since apparently CS3 and CS4 regressed from being able to apply transparency effects on the go to the pencil and pen tools). I then used the a calligraphy brush to “ink” the pencils.

I double-clicked the brush icon to adjust the tool preferences and left the “edit selected strokes” option checked. This can be greatly irirating to use since when starting a new stroke near a selected stroke, the selected stroke may disappear. The keyboard shortcut command+shift=+A deselects all artwork in the document so when drawing with the “edit selected strokes” pref checked, keep your non-drawing hand on the keyboard.

After the basic inking, I created a custom artbrush (football shaped) and applied it to the strokes, adjusting the weight of some.

I imported the whole shebang into Photoshop and added some color and texture.



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