Crash Landing

I got inspired to do a rapid “cover-image-like” drawing with my Niji. I did 3 quick 1-inch thumbnails to work out the scene, inking the favorite.


I redrew a more detailed image and inked it.


I thought it would be fun to color the scene with rudimentary flats, but instead of coloring in Photoshop, I overlayed a sheet of layout paper on the inked final and colored with pencils.


I assemble the two pieces of artwork in Photoshop, setting the inked artwork above the colored layer, blending mode set to multiply.


Finally, I messed around black and white layers set to multiply and screen and added a few color fixes.


The whole process took around 90 minutes.


One Response to “Crash Landing”

  1. kalanbaird Says:

    I like the teeth.

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