Portfolio Cover

I put together a little PDF portfolio last night. In a misconceived first attempt, my layout of work samples was on a charcoal background. Pretty boring. A friend kick started my creative process and I began brainstorming and sketching some possible concepts for the piece. I ended up going for a “traveling medicine show” look. I really like ephemera and woodtype.

I created 9 pages completely in Illustrator reusing and repositioning elements. Since I might eventually print this as a promotional, I wanted flexibility so I could alter the dimensions if necessary.

I also was able to experiment with the appearances palette.With the exception of the 2 rivets and the type, the metal nameplate is a single, styled object. With the settings stored as a graphic style I can instantly give a similar appearance to any shape I create.


If you’re an Illustrator fan but haven’t utilized the Appearance panel, give it a shot. It’s invaluable as a timesaver if you need different objects to have a similar appearance, and when applied to text the styles are dynamic, meaning that you can edit your text and retain the style. It also makes keeping track of objects easier. Instead of having a shape for the object, one of the drop shadow, one for the metal highlights, etc, you can have one object that can be changed in the appearance panel.


Above is a sample of one of the interior pages. I changed the parchment orientation, position, and size on each page, and had a different bottle and label as well. Sample work was added in InDesign.

There are a total of I started at around 6pm and finished at 2am. Good Times.


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