Sketchcrawl 20: Pleasanton

I may have been the only sketchcrawler in Pleasanton. I couldn’t make it to the city but was determined to get some quick figure studies in. Since I was in Pleasanton anyway, I swung by the farmer’s market to see the river of humanity. The river flows pretty quickly.

By a happy coincidence, there was a high school band competition that day and folks stopped to watch the bands as they paraded down Main Street. It’s amazing how still people can be when their minds are occupied elsewhere. Free Models! I still had to draw fast, but was able to get more poses on the second, non-market, page!

I also attempted a watercolor of a restaurant. It isn’t blog-worthy but I did establish a new rule: When painting a full-blown watercolor on a Sketchcrawl, limit the size of the composition to 8.5×5.5″ or less. I spent to much time trying to flood the page with color and ran out of time for the details. Lesson Learned.

Any other Sketchcrawlers in Pleasanton/Dublin/Livermore who want to start an official branch out here?


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