Spooky Tighter Pencils

I pulled out my lightbox. I don’t often use it but I know it’s a vital tool for a lot of artists and, specifically, comics professionals.

The benefit of the lightbox to me is clear: since the basic composition has already been worked out, my attention is geared on refining, cleaning and detailing without distraction. In the past I have sped over background details, but with the lightbox, it’s like coming to a fresh drawing instead of feeling like I’m beating a dead cat.

I went ahead and scanned the page in, cleaning it up a bit in Phostoshop. I’m going to print out another copy to either : 1) clean up still further, 2) use as a basis for hand-inking 3) practice ink 4) some combination of the above. I think I’ll also take one of the panels and do some digital inking, for practice and comparison.

Ahhh, the benefits of the Light Box


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