Beware the gingerbread cottage…

Digital Sketch of Gingerhaus

Vector Art finished. On to Photoshop…

Spooky Ginger Haus…ACHTUNG!

I wanted to do a completely digital illustration. I sketched the rough out using Illustrators brush with a low opacity to simulate a HB pencil. Then I began building the shapes. In retrospect, I should have worked out the composition and elements more. There are definite areas where I rushed.

After importing the image into Photoshop, I applied a radial gradient set to multiply, and created an alpha channel-based blur to add focus. Then I started playing around with textures, masks, and transparency options. The final piece is much moodier and chiaroschuro-ish. My wife convinced me to go with an overlay setting that popped some of the gumdrops on the path while simultaneously darkening the trees.


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