Incredible Binka-Bun

You wouldn\'t like me when I\'m angry. . .tee hee

I’m constantly trying to make that program work for me in a digital inking mode. Maybe if I had a Cintiq or ModPod instead of my little 6×4 graphire the lines wouldn’t wiggle so much.

It’s kind of a Catch-22: If you want line fidelity you suffer the possibility of wiggly lines, but if you lower the fidelity Illustrator decides how your lines should look.

Anyway, my son looked at this and said he liked the reference photo better. I started playing with color and violá—daughter of Lou Ferrigno.


One Response to “Incredible Binka-Bun”

  1. emmacaco Says:

    I like the wobbliness, actually… but I can understand wanting something slicker.

    You did a really good job on a challenging angle for the hand! Kudos for attacking it head-on instead of faking it…!

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