Fox in the Henhouse

This is what you get when you set the Fox to guard to the Henhouse

This began as an idea for a vector illustration, but I began messing about in Photoshop and had a good time working the initial pencil sketch into a digital painting.

I included some manipulated scans to create texture, but mostly it’s brush strokes and the dodge and burn tool.

I like the arrangement of the hen’s eyes as they imagine what will happen next. I also like the last minute lighting effects that focus the image onto the fox, as well as the red-ish reflection of the fox fur on the floor and woodwork. It may not be completely realistic, but I liked that it implied his complete invasion of the cozy henhouse


2 Responses to “Fox in the Henhouse”

  1. Melissa Rooney Says:

    I like your image a lot. We have a classic case of fox in the henhouse here in Durham. A developer has provided a map that the county commissioners want to use to redraw our watershed boundaries — despite questions regarding the maps accuracy, and the clear conflict of interest (the map conveniently moves the developer’s land out of the watershed so he can build a huge mixed-use development on environmentally sensitive land (due to its proximity to a lake and water supply).

    I tell you this, because I was hoping to use your image on the back of about 30 t-shirts I want to have made for citizens to wear to the upcoming Public Hearing on this item. I can’t afford to pay you, as I am only charging the citizens exactly what it costs to make the t-shirts. But I could certainly put your name under the image — if you give it to me.

    I hope you see this and reply soon. Thanks! Mel

  2. Don’t Count Your Chickens . . . « Labsquad Says:

    […] Count Your Chickens . . . By labsquad Several months ago I posted a digital illustration of a fox in a henhouse. A civic-minded citizen in Durham, NC thought it would be a great image to help protest the […]

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