Digitally Inked-Girl

Digitally inked girl

This began as a rough/unfinished pencil sketch. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to practice digital inking in Illustrator. I used the brush tool (using some custom brushes I made) and the pencil tool to fill in the black areas.

The benefits of digital media lay in flexibility and the options. The downside for me is the time and lack of tactile component in the creation of the art. Even with my Wacom tablet the lines don’t always translate. Slight changes in direction can be exaggerated with the vector brush strokes since I have the smoothness and fidelity sliders all the way to the left.

Overall though, I’m happy with this foray. Although I’m not controlling the artificial tapers of the brush strokes perfectly, this is mostly due to my limited technique with brushes in the analog world. I can only improve. . .


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