Hallway Abstract

Vector Hallway Composition

I had this idea while at work. Sometimes I have difficulty placing my “mental camera” to construct a scene. I thought of my house and envisioned a view of my hallway. I sketched a rough composition and I really liked the simplicity of shape. What’s really interesting is how our perceptions cause us to see space and object proximity even with a minimum of input. Shapes suggesting a common vanishing point create a hallway.

I took this idea into Illustrator, added some texture, dropped it into Photoshop and added some more texture and lighting effects. It’s more rendered than I was thinking, but I wanted to do it quickly and manually painting the shapes would have taken too long. I have a copy of the Art of the Incredibles and I really like Lou Romano’s color studies for the scenes. The texture and energy are not in my “scene” but it’s something to shoot for.

Pastels next time?


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