Geek Date Tier 2

Second Tier of Geek Date Sequential

Here’s the second row of my Geek Date one-page story. I was a slight bit nervous about inking the background on the car panel since I’m still working out how to create convincing backgrounds. I hadn’t even finished all of the pencilling so some of the background was created on the fly. Overall I’m happy with the results I achieved with the dip pen and washes.

I continued the sparse Photoshop coloring to add focus to the images.

One funny note, I almost flipped the car scene in Photoshop so the car would direct the readers eye to the bottom left panel (the ones coming next) and help the visual flow. Then I realized that flipping the car would flip the driver too putting him on the British side of the road . . . and I don’t live in England . . . It worked out okay though because I realized that he composition is tilted down/left anyway even though the action is moving right.


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