Braveheart Montage

Braveheart Montage

I popped Braveheart into my computer and began sketching. Initially I was just going to knock out some quick gestural and shape sketches, but when I started drawing the goat and then the young William’s face, I began working with value.

I used HB and 2B pencils, just what was within arms length at the time, though I wish now I would have gotten up to get a 4 or 6B. The king (bottom left) and burial scene (bottom) were excercises with subtractive drawing with my Magic Rub eraser (again, a kneaded would have been handy for some of the spot highlights that the dulled corners of the ‘Rub couldn’t make).

I gave it a conté crayon tint photoshop when I scanned it.

One thing I’m proud of, the right eye of the princess was initially misdrawn. The face looked horrible. I was about to just shrug it off since the eye looked nice by itself. Instead, I gulped, erased the eye and redrew it. The result is much better. Personal quality control is the best kind.


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