Coffee Shop


I sketched this a few months ago. I was practicing doing sequentials and building stories on the fly. Sometimes just beginning a sketch without a clear direction will kick start ideas. I was playing with setting, camera angles and character interaction and although it doesn’t fly as a finished piece, it’s not bad for a soup starter.

I was cleaning off my desk and decided to scan and practice making coloring flats. I added some quick shadows and texture. Any dialogue ideas? Feel free to send them in your comments.


3 Responses to “Coffee Shop”

  1. trefethen Says:

    I like the mysterious transformation of the blond figure between panel two and three, from male to female. Especially interesting is her/his transformation back into its previous state. This reminds me of the asexual characteristics of the banana slug.

  2. Emma Says:

    Ha, cool… yeah, one of my friends was doing these BART sketches for a while, where he’d put four to a page, bordered with a line, and even though he said there wasn’t any narrative and he was just doodling, your brain would always fill in a story for it…

  3. Zarbod Says:

    I like this style. Especially the first block.

    – Z

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